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Overview of most important features of StageTitles.


  • Type real time titles for Live events. The Projector can be updated in 4 different modes: with every key-press, after every word, after every paragraph or when beginning a new slide. All typed slides are automatically saved to disk.
  • Create documents starting from scratch or by importing a Text or SRT file.
  • Import Text by using predefined settings in the Preferences or by using the Import Window.
    In this window the contents of the text file is shown on the left. Set line and slide separators or edit the text and see live result of your actions on the right.
  • Import SRT-files with support for styles (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, font color by name or hexadecimal) and timecodes. Timecodes are shown in the document window, with error notifications for bad timecodes. The use of timescodes can be turned on or off.
  • Export slide text and metadata to a Text or RTF file.
  • Set a background picture and show it at original size, fill screen, scale or tile mode.
  • Use the bookmark list, slide list and slide editor side by side in one convenient Document Window.
  • Configureable toolbar.
  • Documents are autosaved to disk.
  • Unicode text supports multiple languages.



  • Sequence numbers and Unique numbers.
  • Insert, duplicate, move, delete, cut , copy, paste slides anywhere.
  • Edit slide text with mixed fonts, styles and colors.
  • Clean superfluous characters out of slides. Ability to reset style and background settings.
  • Slides can be shown or hidden individually from the Projector.
  • Set a background color using the configurable preset color chooser.
  • Add comments to slides.
  • Find and replace text in all slides.



  • Insert bookmarks with a slide starting position.
  • Delete bookmarks without modifying slides.
  • Keep the slide list and bookmark list in sync in the document window.


Projector and Options

  • Show the slides in the Projector in 2 fully configureable modes: Fullscreen or our special SplitScreen feature with the Projector above or beneath the document window.
  • Show next or previous slide manually, jump to any slide, jump to bookmark, skip next slide, blackout mode.
  • Automode plays the slides automatically using timecodes or with a configurable fixed or variable time (depending on the length of the displayed text).
  • Intraslides between slides with preset color or depending on next or previous slide.
  • Collapsable Projector Commander: slide navigation and fine control over text size and position with a highlighted text block aid.
  • Optional transparent background for use as video overlay to other applications.
  • Configurable outline font stroke width.


Extended Preferences

  • Set general application and appearance settings.
  • Configure import and export templates.
  • Adjust slide and bookmark behavior.


Integrated Help

  • All StageTitles functions and interface elements are documented in the integrated Help, directly accessible from every window.





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